Safety and accident prevention is everyone's responsibility. Each employee is expected to follow all company rules and to perform their work in a safe manner. Each supervisor and foreman is responsible for safety, implementing R&W Construction's safety program, and training employees in safe work procedures. At each location the superintendent has the corporate responsibility and authority for safety including accident prevention. She/he has the corporate responsibility and authority for safety and accident prevention. This company's policy is to provide a safe and healthy place of employment for every employee and to abide by regulations set forth by federal, state and local governments.

R&W Construction is sincerely interested in the safety and welfare of our employees. Accident prevention is essential in maintaining an efficient operation.

It is our policy that our safety rules shall be strictly observed at all times. Although these rules are to be considered very important, it is impossible to publish a rule that covers every circumstance. If a rule that might cover a specific hazardous condition has been omitted, that shall not be an excuse for disregard of common sense in the safe performance of your work. The possession or consumption of alcohol, drugs or any other controlled substance is against policy and violators are subject to immediate dismissal. R&W Construction can assist an employee to find a suitable treatment facility if a problem is discussed with their superintendent. Each employee is urged to cooperate fully with this policy. Abuse or disregard of this policy is a violation and will be treated accordingly. Remember, your help in preventing accidents and injuries benefits you and your fellow employees----we should all strive for a record of zero accidents!